Heyl: Broken handcycle sets back paralyzed cyclist in world record hunt

One moment, Attila Domos was cruising through the streets on his handcycle and the next moment, the paraplegic musician found himself on the ground with his mode of transportation ruined. The bike collapsed beneath him, says Domos 48 years old. He climbed out of the chair to see what was wrong and there was a massive crack in the frame. A good Samaritan and passerby a Doctor of pulmonology helped solve the downfall and bikerís immediate problem by getting him and his broken bike home. But a more long-term issue remains; getting the frame welded would be a temporary solution.

Hand Cyclist

He needs a new handcycle. Cycling became a passion of Domosí after he was paralyzed in 1993 from a fall. He finished first in the Great Race hand cycling event the past two years and is one the Pittsburgh Marathon hand cycling event in 2010. He believes he is put considerable wear and tear on the bike since the Challenged Athlete Foundation gave him the bike eight years ago and this contributed to the frame failure. The price of handcycles has risen considerably since 2008 so he did not decide to approach the foundation to give them another bike.

Instead he's attempting to raise the $9000 through the gofundme.com program. Today's bikes are aerodynamically superior and more lightweight and have electronic gearshifts. My bike was like a Corvette and now they are making them like Ferraris. Domos is an accomplished musician as well as a competitive cyclist and he hopes he can quickly obtain a new bike. He has an event scheduled for late August. The event is for a wheelchair basketball team and Domos will try to handcycle 350 miles in 24 hours on the Bud Harris Cycling Track in Highland Park. It coincides with the release of the music students new CD" Never Enough". If he can do 350 miles with its hills, he figures he can do more than 403.8 miles on a flat surface in Florida. He realizes he is more active than many people with full use of their limbs, he is very goal oriented and very driven. But in this instance he doesn't want to be driven. He would much prefer to write a new bike.